Lutia Cirafa By Erik H Zepka


fadeless dust. the cuneiform bar, jammed.

the workers continue pardoning one another. the facet of
one aspect of the harmonium system breaks – the blinking
of jammed bars, the protraction of cusps. “intercede”

gourd sky: insofar as conception is measured reversibly
(where so no one gives so much as is being reversed),
presiding. (you find interest in the intercedence?)

not at all. metonymy. i reply metonymy. the rendered
grace of analysis;
crucial – a cymbal sways across, knocking him over. the
protraction of wonder. empathy.

lutia speaks to the intercedence: blink mechanisms?

the floral dissuasivity hopefully posits a progressive
response. as multiple – dossier. as commended –
mismanaged. the buildings loom tall and black, square.
one buckles. is the anonymity that cares about you.