And then we didn’t die

why would we encourage forgetting
about winter and we should always trust
that we will freeze.
then there are the mornings
we wake up and feel that our bodies will
slowly drip and freeze.
I buried the piping
cold and the white neglect of winter
pushed my own head under to hide my eyes
from the sun and the snow, the crushing of icy
layers beneath my feet that have at times
led me to bleed, the paintings that are buried by
could you even believe it ? still 10 feet of snow
up high still in June.

fleeced I consider | why would anyone have stopped here
maybe they just got tired of moving forward
they forgot the freeze too
maybe the wind
maybe so many have died in the winters that I forget about
and how this place is a planet too.
when it melted and their toes were free they couldn’t
bear to leave it, the place that didn’t kill them
maybe the summer when this planet is on fire was just as bad if
not worse. I bet
they thought they could grow here. I bet there were
hopes of trees and swimming in a river
only to find that the river is melted winter and when the winter melts it
rushes and floods freezing.

maybe they were just done with it
and retired to earth, the Planet
that blazes across what will be ice
that freezes what will be fire that
burns what was mud and dries out
all life, then melts it


O Mass

I can feel the weight of my liver every
day. if I think about hunger I think about

if I had it my way everything would be tight like
my pants would be tight my pants my thighs
we would all feel like rocks, me walking
on rocks and a dead man telling me about
I can think of the amazons and they yes they
would be as big as I want to be to be I want
to offend the and then
the Massive,

I am the car bumpers lost out there
I am iron and dust

would kick over a mountain would climb all the
kicked rocks. They told me about
climbing. I would rely on poise and flexibility
like have you done ballet? I said no.

then going up up and across up and I would pull
myself across the cliff and then I would look at
the giant women hang and jump from rock to rock

and then, to chew on the rocks and then to eat
mouthfuls of the earth and to lick the ice and to be
all natural all consuming, I have reckoned with my
body and my liver I have reckoned with those who
live here too I built the small mountains that dissolve
with my liver with my heart against rocks
when we see bones on rocks, our built mass
like all matter that turns to septic liquid
and mud, soft and impotent

growing flowers