for your viewing pleasure

unboxing the mind
distilling consciousness
for a general audience
for exfoliating
a hunk of stardust

i digest fine print
like a deceased dog

is our favorite form
of extinction


hot tub time machine

a rainbow severed through the trees
the picture frame is the new guillotine

the sunlight too cancerous a chew toy
for any divine animal

feelings barbed and sticky with venom
saliva slides from a warm trench

sewing tears along bathing suits
is an inevitable form of advertising

psychoanalyze your hairdo
after hours of money shots



Jordan Hoxsie is a poet living in Burbank, CA. They are the founder of Varsity Goth, work as the Social Media Editor for Reality Beach, and are the author of the mini-chapbook cry lightning (Ghost City Press, 2016). Their work has appeared in MICRO//MACRO, Dirty ChaiSymbiosis, and elsewhere. They tweet @jordanhoxsie.